The Vi Vante Evolution

The Vi Vante brand is an evolution that was born from Fast Aperture Enterprises LLC, brain child of CEO Scott Morvay. As a Leica Enthusiast and photographer, he felt there was always something missing in the camera products and accessories available on the market. It seemed to him that it was the same old, repeated designs duplicated over and over without any real changes or improvements.  The luxury, design, and attention to detail were always missing that  “je ne sais quoi.”  Having known nothing about design but what he liked, he began sketching on graph paper. It was then that the “Exotic” camera bag design was developed. Scott then found a professional graphic designer and project engineer to bring the sketches to life. After successfully launching the camera bags and having a thorough understanding of the market, Scott wanted to fill in the gaps on what consumers wanted, but didn’t exist before the Vi Vante Brand. After multiple successful product launches, and the relentless desire to succeed, these unique designs have taken the brand around the world. Scott and the Vi Vante Team look forward to pushing the boundaries of luxury in our designs. The very meaning of Vi Vante translates to being vibrant and alive.




Vi Vante is based out of South Florida and ships internationally with FEDEX. We are proud to offer our uniquely designed products “Not Just a Brand a Lifestyle.”


Our Mailing Address:


4095 S. STATE ROAD 7 SUITE L #205