Vi Vante "Matador Noir" Leather Camera Strap for Leica S, SL II, and others with slotted strap mounts

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Strong enough to pull a truck, refined enough for your camera; the Vi Vante Matador is now expertly handcrafted for cameras with slotted strap mounts. The Quality and the softness of Vi Vante’s leather is unparalleled by anyone. The Camera Strap is built for strength, stability, and comfort. There is no plastic hardware on this strap, we use a custom made electroplated buckle that looks like a piece of jewelry. Vi Vante knows only one way to do things, and that’s exceptionally.

  • 12 individual strands of Italian leather braided over an additional leather safety strap

  • adjustable about 40-47inches; 101cm to 120cm

  • Electrolpated Buckle that matches hardware on our camera bags