Ultime Phoenix Leather Braided Camera Strap 47" Long Keyring

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The Last of the Ultime; Limited to 5 units

The Vi Vante Ultime Phoenix Braided Leather Camera Neck Strap

The Vi Vante Ultime is an exciting new design to camera straps that brings 360 degrees of beauty, combined with strength, and security. The strap is an intricate design that starts off with a leather strap that is drilled with laser precision, and braided over and through. Each Strap takes over 4 hours to make from start to finish.

This technique creates a camera strap that can support the heaviest camera setups without stretching, wide enough for comfort but slim enough for total functionality. The inside of the strap is braided flat for comfort, while the top is raised for styling.

Very supple Italian leather is carefully selected for the task by Vi Vante. The leather is all top grain and continuous (not spliced) pieces. The aroma and feel envelops the user with such luxury that was never available before in the world of camera straps.

The Ultime has another special feature; the mounting rings that attach to your precious camera are electroplated gun metal to match the hardware on our camera bags.

After each strap is crafted and inspected it gets the V stamp on the inside edge of each end. The camera straps ship in a branded dust cover. The Vi Vante camera straps are built to last a lifetime of enjoyment. Every strap comes with an extra set of electroplated mounting rings.

All Vi Vante Camera straps come in 47 inch / 119cm. The ideal length for users of all heights to enjoy for cross body carrying. Comes with optional leather Side Protection Circles.