Vi Vante "Athena" Concealed Carry Purse 2A Design Hand Woven w/ internal holster

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Vi Vante’s “Athena” Hand Woven Black Leather Purse for Concealed Carry
Ambidextrous Bag Design With Hidden Compartment For Quick Access CCW 2A Holster Included

The name is inspired by the Greek Goddess, a purse luxurious enough for the goddess herself. A handbag that’s guaranteed to give you the confidence in any situation, making you feel more than mortal, and never less then.

In any situation where you feel threatened or uneasy, you will be able to discretely have your hand on your firearm that’s secured into position with an included one size fits most holster. You don’t even need to reveal your secret. You’re immediately operational in the event of a life threatening emergency. You got this girl!

We created this purse for a specific reason. Ladies you may concealed carry and still enjoy luxury handbags. You will feel safe, feel proud, and don’t need to give up designer luxury.

Vi Vante has you back with our purse.

scratch resistant pebbled pattern
Hand-woven front, back, and flap
Reinforced sides to maintain shape
Modified pyramid design utilizing the Pythagorean theorem to keep upright even when setting the bag down.
Plush Interior
Fits Compacts and Most subcompacts