The Vi Vante Guardian Motorcycle Shoe, Boot, Sneaker Toe Cover

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The Vi Vante Guardian Motorcycle Toe Guard Shifter Cover

The Vi Vante Toe Guardian is designed to protect the top of your leather boots & shoes from scratches, but also add comfort if your riding in sneakers. The Guardian is a one size fits all solution and is designed for your left foot in the position of the shifter. We use a thinner elastic strap for better traction when you put your foot down on the street. This is the only product of this calibre available in the world today! It captures the essence of the superbikes.


The Design Elements

We implemented the use of a leather carbon fiber hybrid to create the desired aesthetic. Red Contrast stitching is something we frequently use in our brand and thought it was very appropriate for this special project. Vi Vante has always had success on products when there is something that we want to use for ourselves but cannot purchase anything that's up to our standards. Imagine yourself wanting to pull up to the valet with your superbike not wanting to scratch your leather shoes. That's exactly what this is created for. It's not for everyone or for long distance commutes.