Vi Vante Zenith Shadow Motorcycle Leg Bag

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"The Vi Vante ZENITH SHADOW Motorcycle Leg Bag"

The Bag was designed with the perfect dimensions to fit your important contents in comfort; Dimensions for the Internal Large Pocket are 9” long, 6” wide, and 2 inches in depth.

Then Slim front pocket is 7x4.75 inches long. The font pocket is designed to fit your cell phone. It can accommodate up to an iPhone 14 pro max.
The foot print of the bag is slightly larger and comfortably moulds around your leg. When you adjust the leg buckle, you want to adjust it to fit your leg then loosen it just a little bit. With time and experience you will get that perfect “you don’t even know it’s there fit.”

This bag features a unique magnetic catch system we developed. In our research & development we found it was too much effort to try and close the front flaps on the bags we tested with classic exterior magnets.
We developed this system that’s complex for us but simple for you; just drop the flap and magnets will catch on their own. We don’t just use one magnet for this purpose, but 3. In all of our designs we like to over build giving you the confidence in whatever activity you’re doing. Whether you’re riding your superbike a little past the speed limit on a winding road, jogging with your dog, or working with your hands full, this special feature will come in handy!

The flap of the bag has a quilted pattern that’s synonymous with our brand and easily recognizable as a Vi Vante design. It’s beautiful, bold, and appealing to all.

The interior of the bag also greatly exceeds the standards by our use of microfiber that’s lush & luxurious.
Vi Vante doesn’t cut corners in quality
and we developed this bag out of our passion for wanting something that wasn’t quite available on the market and are proud to share it with you!

** Special note; Once you have the bag perfectly fitted and use it for some time you will determine your perfect leg and waist adjustments; always leaving some extra for body fluctuations; it is possible to cut with the sharpest of scissors then use a lighter as you would on trimming nautical ropes to prevent fraying. Please use common sense if you plan to do this.